10 December 2021

Opening words at 10.15

Doors open at 9.30

Entrance via Holiday Inn Messukeskus

A valid COVID-19 passport must be presented when entering

Helsinki Data Science Day 2021 is a data science, data engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business intelligence oriented meet-up event from professionals to professionals. Held on 10 December 2021 in Messukeskus, the event offers speeches by pioneer data scientists, employer booths from the most lucrative employers within the field, networking and dozens of recruitment prospects.


Speakers & Presentations

Real benefits of AI: Using computer vision to monitor manufacturing plants

Antti Heino

Principal Advisor on AI & Cloud at SAS Finland

Jussi Martikka

Customer Advisor at SAS Finland

Antti Heino is an expert in advanced analytics, data science and artificial intelligence. For the last 9 years, he has been working with many major companies and organizations in the Nordics regarding their AI challenges. In the financial industry typical AI cases have been related to insurance / payment fraud detection, AML, KYC, default predictions and customer onboarding. Examples from other industries include text analytics for healthcare document classification, customer feedback analysis, personalized marketing, industrial process optimization, network analytics, object detection using computer vision and many others.

Jussi Martikka is a Customer Advisor at SAS focusing on data science, advanced analytics and AI through SAS' solutions. His Nordic team helps public sector organizations to adapt and utilize advanced analytics and AI as part of their daily processes from end-to-end perspective. Jussi’s background in professional service delivery and software development has enabled him to innovate outside-the-box solutions for real life challenges.

Unexpected ways to solve wicked problems

Jarno Kartela

Global Head of AI Advisory at Fourkind

Businesses face wicked problems in driving growth, optimizing processes, planning for the future and fostering innovation. The changing competitive environment requires organizations to solve these problems efficiently and intelligently and AI offers some unexpected and practical help beyond the hype if we allow ourselves to rethink what's possible.

Jarno is a strategic business advisor, speaker and occasional designer with an applied data science background. His work includes designing and transforming how modern companies do improved decision making, machine-augment ed creativity, robust strategic planning and sustainable growth as well as how they build optimized experiences, systems, tools and services with data and emerging technology.

His areas of special interest include strategic decision making, simulations, causal modeling, self-optimizing systems, reinforcement learning and computational creativity.

Data & AI in the Energy Revolution

Mikko Muurinen

Head of Data & AI at Helen

Mikko has over two decades of experience in data, analytics and digitalization, mostly leading teams of experts, but also doing hands-on work. He has worked in various roles both in public and private sector, on both sides of the table as client and vendor, and often being the link between business and ICT. Currently Mikko works as the Head of Data & AI at Helen, leading four teams of analysts, data scientists, data engineers and data governance experts.

Finding the calm in metadata chaos

Irene Nikkarinen

Data Scientist at Yle

Metadata tags or index terms provide an essential window to content. They play a vital role in discoverability while allowing a company to understand its users and platforms. What can be done to ease the process of tagging and maintaining a relevant pool of tags in a world where information flows at a pace more rapid than ever before?

Irene is a data scientist at Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, where she works with content metadata. She designs and delivers machine learning systems in order to help editorial staff, analysts and developers leverage the power of metadata. Her interests include NLP and Bayesian modelling.

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What Is Helsinki Data Science Day?

Helsinki Data Science Day is a meeting for experts and specialists in

  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Statistics

Helsinki Data Science Day is a great opportunity for the community to learn and share knowledge, best practices, and new discoveries. The idea is to bring the experts together to discuss topics – even technical ones – on state-of-art data science and statistics, and to share ideas and experiences.

The event is organized in a fun and friendly way, and both the attendees and organizers are drawn from the community. Helsinki Data Science Day 2021 is a chance for the community and your company to connect, get acquainted with the latest technology, and glimpse the latest research in the field. Our attendees consist of employees from the hottest companies, researchers from the best universities, and the top experts in the field.

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