Helsinki Data Science Day is a meeting for experts and specialists in

  • Data Science
  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Helsinki Data Science Day is a great opportunity for the community to learn and share knowledge, best practices, and new discoveries. The idea is to bring the experts together to discuss topics – even technical ones – on state-of-art data science and statistics, and to share ideas and experiences.

The event is organized in a fun and friendly way, and both the attendees and organizers are drawn from the community. Helsinki Data Science Day 2021 is a chance for the community and your company to connect, get acquinted with the latest technology, and glimpse the latest research in the field. Our attendees consist of employees from the hottest companies, researchers from the best universities, and the top experts in the field.

Helsinki Data Science Day event started in 2016 as a project within the organisation of statistics students in the University of Helsinki – Moodi ry – and has since been organized each year except 2017, with the 2019 event being first independently organized Helsinki Data Science Day. In addition, Helsinki Data Science Day has retained strong connections with the University of Helsinki and Aalto University. The event has been growing each year, and the year 2021 will be no different! You can check out the past events at the Past Events section.

The main idea within the event is to bring the experts together – the vision of Data Science Day is to create a platform to share ideas and get glimpses of state-of-art technology within the field. All of the organizers are related to, or have a background in, statistics and data science. Check out the crew below!

Our Team

Mikhael Koufos

Mikhael is a corporate relations professional and M.Soc.Sc. in Statistics from the University of Helsinki. Mikhael has experience from working in various companies in the financial sector, and currently he works as a Data Analyst in Ilmarinen.

Tommi Mäklin

Tommi is a statistics and machine learning expert currently working towards a PhD at the University of Helsinki. Tommi also teaches statistics and machine learning to professionals in the corporate world.

Joni Oksanen

Joni is a doctoral student in social data science at the University of Helsinki and the designer behind our event's visual brand. Joni is currently working with modern NLP applications applied in the analysis of social media health discussions.

Topias Tolonen

Topias is a probabilities enthusiastic and a specialist with a Master’s degrees in both Applied Mathematics and Economics from the University of Helsinki. While hustling with communications in our event, Topias spends rest of his time in the realm of higher education.