Dear partners, visitors and all,

As of June 2022 we have no immediate plans to hold Helsinki Data Science Day for this year. We are still exploring different options regarding to future events. We will keep you informed regarding any updates.

Meanwhile, you can reach us via our contact info.

Thank you for your interest in Helsinki Data Science Day. Have a nice summer!

What Is Helsinki Data Science Day?

Helsinki Data Science Day is a meeting for experts and specialists in

  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Statistics

Helsinki Data Science Day is a great opportunity for the community to learn and share knowledge, best practices, and new discoveries. The idea is to bring the experts together to discuss topics – even technical ones – on state-of-art data science and statistics, and to share ideas and experiences.

The event is organized in a fun and friendly way, and both the attendees and organizers are drawn from the community. Helsinki Data Science Day 2021 was a chance for the community and your company to connect, get acquainted with the latest technology, and glimpse the latest research in the field. Our attendees consist of employees from the hottest companies, researchers from the best universities, and the top experts in the field.

Find out more information here.